Galil Ambassadors

Do you and your family love Galil?  Want to help us grow and thrive for the next 65 years?  Want your friends to know about us? Join the Galil Ambassadors! 
Galil Ambassadors help us find new additions to our camping family through word of mouth or by hosting an information session.
Galil families affiliate with over 40 different synagogues and communities.  As of now, only 10% of all Jewish children attend Jewish summer camp.  That means many families at your synagogue, your children's schools, and in your neighborhood know nothing about Galil.  Help us reach them! 
Our ambassadors will work together with other parents and the Galil professional staff to spread the word about our camp to new families.  There will be a training session to learn more about Galil, but anyone who has a child that loves Galil has the potential to be an amazing ambassador. 

Galil Ambassadors can reach out to new families in the following ways:

  • Hosting a parlor meeting in your home, synagogue, or in a local establishment; 
  • Helping to connect Galil to your synagogue; and 
  • Suggesting a local community event for Galil to participate in.
Become an Ambassador!
Refer a Friend!


For more information about the Galil Ambassadors program, please contact Jenn at (215) 832-0677